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Mission: Our mission is to complete our tasks as competently and quickly as possible. We aim to always meet our customer’s demand with our highly qualitative service.

Vision: We envision a future full of endless opportunities for everyone. Our job is to bring people all around the world closer together and to enable and facilitate the global exchange so that we can work jointly towards this new world.

About TK-Logistik:


Founded by Teresa Krazynski after years of experience in the field of logistics!

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Our customer’s satisfaction is our priority!


Our customers and products are form all around the world! Take a look at the map!


We speak German, Polish, and English!

"The magic formula discovered by successful companies is to treat customers as guests and employees as people."

About Us

We are a family business and currently employ 4 people.

Teresa Krazynski
Hello! I founded TK-Logistik in 2008. The “TK” stands for my initials. I came to Germany from Poland in the '80s and eventually made a retraining as a forwarding agent. Since then I have been active in this industry that I still find very exciting due to its dynamism. In my spare time I like to cook, read historical books or travel to exotic places as I am very interested in foreign cultures.
Christoph Krazynski
Moin! I got into the logistics industry through my mother. I have been working for our company since 2009 and like to take increasing responsibility in order to take over the family business one day. My dog Figa is my biggest hobby, I enjoy spending time with her outdoors! I also like meeting my friends and working on cars.
Agata Wiesner
Hey! I came to TK-Logistik in 2018 as a new member. 2010 I moved to Germany after completing my master studies in Poland. I sincerely enjoy the work as every day is different, which I appreciate a lot. It is especially interesting for me to take a glance into every department of the business which teaches me a great deal. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family.
Pamela Krazynski
Hi! I like to help out in my mom’s company every now and then. My specialization are issues concerning languages, as I really enjoy them! I also like to apply the knowledge I learned in my studies. If I am not working for TK-Logistik, I am probably playing with our dog or traveling. Essential oils and astrology are two further interests of mine.

What we offer

We take over the organization of national and international container transports for you.

Among other things we are specialized in the following scenarios:

  • clearance of containers
  • handling of fiscal duties
  • handling of T1 processes
  • harbor transports
  • depositary change
  • customs clearance of containers

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